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Connect Chatbot to Facebook
Connect Chatbot to Facebook

Receive messages from your Facebook pages right in the Dashboard, and automate responses by connecting to Chatbot.

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Receive messages from your Facebook pages right in the Dashboard. Keep all your communication in one place, and automate responses to Facebook messages by connecting to Chatbot.

You must be a Facebook Page Admin to connect Facebook Messenger to Chatbot. The installation takes only a few minutes. Log in to and follow these steps:

1) Go to Connect, Select Facebook, and click on Connect


3) The Facebook login page will pop up. Provide your Facebook credentials and Log In. You might be presented with a 2 factor authentication based on your security settings in Facebook.

4) A message will show telling you that (or Book Me Bob) will receive your name and profile picture. Choose Continue as [your Facebook name].

5) A list of your Facebook pages will show up. Choose the page(s) you want to connect to Chatbot and click Continue. In most cases it will be a single property page you will select.

6) A screen will show you the list of permissions needs in order to respond to customer messages. Make sure all options are on and select Done.

7) Meta/Facebook will show a confirmation page that the connection is established. Click Ok

8) At this point you will be redirected back to the Dashboard. In the last step, select the property that you want to connect to the Facebook page, and press Save.

In Meta/Facebook, you will see the AI Chatbot by in the Active tab of Business Integrations.

All done! You will now receive messages from your customers right in the Dashboard, keeping all your communications in one place. All messages will be automatically responded to by the Chatbot. You can always take control of the conversation, and respond with your own messages.

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