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Understanding WhatsApp for Business
Understanding WhatsApp for Business

Understand WhatsApp for Business, features enabled by, and how to promote WhatsApp with your guests.

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What is this handbook for?

WhatsApp Business has a number of exciting features for accommodation providers of any size. From saving time to personalizing your conversations, using's WhatsApp Business account integration means building a smooth booking and check-in experience for your guests. This guide will give you an understanding of WhatsApp for Business, features enabled by, and how to promote WhatsApp with your guests.

Following is what you will learn:

  • Business Profile

  • Connecting with Guests

  • Become a Verified WhatApp Business

  • Integrate Chatbot for Automation

  • WhatsApp Platform Requirements

  • Key Features with

  • Promoting WhatsApp Channel with Guests

Understanding WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business Profile

A WhatsApp business profile is helpful information for your guests, like your address, business description, email address, and website. Business accounts give hotels an identity and make it easy for customers to access important information about your business, such as your business name, description, address, business hours, and category.

To get a WhatsApp Business Account, you need to download the WhatsApp Business application (from Apple Store or Google Play Market). Then, register your business using a UNIQUE phone number.

PRO TIP: You can use both the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Messenger simultaneously as long as the accounts are linked to different phone numbers. It's not possible to have one phone number linked to both apps at the same time. It is recommended to have a seperate mobile number dedicated to WhatsApp, though it can be a fixed number too. You must be able to receive phone calls or SMS with the phone number you're trying to register.

Connecting with guests

Once the Business Profile is ready you are technically able to respond to customers, or initiate conversations. But the challenge is this is manual and relies on a person to monitor the conversations and respond. Very similar to how you personally interact on WhatsApp with your friends and family.

WhatsApp Business does provide some useful features to make it easier though:

  • Greeting message

  • Away message

  • Quick replies

Become a verified business with WhatsApp

You can apply for Green Tick after you are approved for WhatsApp Business APIs.

Once your WhatsApp Business API access is approved, you can apply for an official business account (green tick)

Understanding WhatsApp API

Integrate Chatbot for automation needs WhatsApp Business API access to automate guest communication. collaborated with Twillio, one of the largest approved Business Solution Providers of WhatsApp Business API.

The hotel will need to create an account with Twillio, and connect the existing WhatsApp number to the account, or can buy a new number from Twillio.

The hotel will share the Twillio account with, so that we can download the keys to connect Chatbot to Twillio.

If you choose to migrate a phone number to the WhatsApp Business Platform, you cannot use that number on the WhatsApp Business App concurrently. Your number must be used either on the Business Platform or on the Business App.

WhatsApp Platform Requirements

WhatsApp opt-In requirements

WhatsApp requires that the applications implement explicit user opt-ins to deliver messages over WhatsApp. You may gather this opt-in information either via a web page or a mobile app, such as during the booking flow.

Please note that sending messages to guests without an opt-in may result in the guest blocking your business as well as the suspension of your WhatsApp Business account.

Pre-approved message templates

WhatsApp requires that business-initiated notifications sent by any application (including be templated and pre-registered, with the exception of messages sent as a reply to a user-initiated message. If buttons are used, they should be part of the template too.

The "24-hour" session

A WhatsApp session begins when a user sends a message to your WhatsApp number that is connected to Sessions are valid for 24 hours after the most recently received message, during which is able to communicate with customers using free-form messages. Freeform messages may include text or media. To send a message outside the 24-hour session window, we must use a pre-approved message template.

WhatsApp terms and conditions

WhatsApp requires compliance with the WhatsApp Business Solution Terms, with the WhatsApp Business Solution Policy, and with its Commerce Policy. As part of the approval process, the business and use case will be considered to make sure the usage is in line with the above guidelines.


WhatsApp fee is payable directly by the hotels as per the usage, or passed on to you by, without any markup.

WhatsApp service is charged per message fees. Meta also charges fees per 24 hour window for each conversation. There are two types of conversations: Business-initated conversations and user-initated conversations. You can find more information about the cost of sending WhatsApp messages here.

Key Features enabled by

Catalogs and Collections

Catalogs allow hotels to showcase rooms so prospective guests could easily browse and check out rooms they are interested in booking, without needing to redirect your prospects to the website or elsewhere.

Before check-in, you can promote the add-ons and upsells catalog items.

For each item in your catalog, you can add information, including price, description, and room/ product code.

Collections act as folders to group items inside a business account. Users can navigate to the category they’re looking for right away without scrolling through the whole product list.

Buttons in WhatsApp

Buttons allow to include interactive and more appealing buttons for the messages sent to the guests. These buttons can be of 2 types:

  • Call to action: triggers a phone call or opens a website when tapped.

  • Quick replies: allows users to answer with the predefined options without having to type in the answer manually.

Interactive buttons are great for a smooth customer journey. No typing = less effort = better customer experience.

Formatting in WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp allows text, emojis, and some formatting in messages. To format all or part of a message, use these formatting symbols

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Strike-through

  • Code/ Pre-formatted

Sending Location in WhatsApp

WhatsApp supports sending and receiving GPS location data in messages to and from WhatsApp users.

Facebook does not support location messaging in WhatsApp Message Templates at this time, it's only in response to a guest question.

Guest communication with WhatsApp

How is WhatsApp used for guest communication?

There are multiple ways to use WhatsApp for the hotel. enables the following:

Pre Arrival

Pre-arrival communication over WhatsApp is sent 5 days before the arrival of guests in the hotel. It makes the client happy and shows them you are concerned for them. Customers asked if they want any add-ons or special requests.

Integration Prerequisite: Reservations data from PMS

At Arrival

On the day of arrival, another message is sent to the customer with important information and links.

Integration Prerequisite: Real-time check-in data from PMS

Mid Stay

Depending on the PMS integration, a message is sent as soon as the guest checks in.

Integration Prerequisite: Reservations data from PMS

Post Stay

A message is sent a few hours after checking out thanking them for the stay and collecting feedback.

Integration Prerequisite: Real-time check-out data from PMS

Promoting WhatsApp

How to make guests connect with you on WhatsApp?

Now that you have WhatsApp for Business working, you need to start promoting it. Here are some ways to achieve it.

Contact via Facebook and/or Instagram

To give your customers another way to communicate with your business, you can link your WhatsApp Business account with a Facebook Page and/or Instagram Profile. When you link your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile with your WhatsApp Business account, your number appears as a contact option on the linked Facebook Page and/or Instagram Profile.

When a customer taps on this contact option, they can message you directly on WhatsApp, and Chatbot will come into action to respond to the customer query.

Get WhatsApp permission during the booking process

When a customer makes a booking, ask for their mobile number, and if they will like to receive communication on WhatsApp.

Start conversations with deep links

Customers can initiate a conversation with you on WhatsApp through URL deep links, such as on your website. If end users have WhatsApp installed on their devices, clicking the deep link opens a conversation with your business inside of WhatsApp.

Use the website to generate a link for free

QR codes

Your WhatsApp Business QR code is a scannable image that makes it easy for your customers to send you a message. All your customers need to do is scan your code, and they’ll automatically receive your contact information. Customers can message you on WhatsApp by scanning your business account’s QR code.

You can customize the pre-populated message.

Pro Tip: To make it easy for your customers to find you on WhatsApp, print a copy of your WhatsApp Business QR code and display it in a visible place, add it to booking confirmation PDFs, invoices, etc.

Read how to setup here

WhatsApp Business Search

Note: This feature is currently only available to users in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK.

WhatsApp Business search offers businesses an opportunity to be found on WhatsApp. This feature lets WhatsApp users search for businesses and start a conversation without leaving WhatsApp.

The feature displays all businesses that have not opted out of being ‘listed’ in business search results. In selected markets, all eligible businesses (Official Business Accounts and Verified Business Accounts) were automatically set to a “listed” status prior to launch.

Note: In Brazil, business search results will only include businesses (Official Businesses Accounts and Verified Business Accounts) that chose to opt-in.

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