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Cloudbeds integration for digital vouchers & eGift cards.
Cloudbeds integration for digital vouchers & eGift cards.

Automate the voucher buying and redemption process with Cloudbeds integration.

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Introduction to aiva

aiva is an automated, direct-sell digital voucher & eGift system allowing hoteliers to offer fully branded vouchers through their website.

Offer, timeframe, quantity, and fine print. You are in total control, able to create, edit, and remove all deals in real time. Payment is automatic through Stripe, and redemption is automated through Cloudbeds.

Who is this handbook for?

If you are a hotel using Cloudbeds as your Property Management System (PMS), you can take advantage of aiva Direct Sell Voucher System, which allows you to sell vouchers and eGift cards from your website and other digital channels.

This handbook is for Hotel Revenue Managers and Marketing teams providing step-by-step guidelines on how to integrate aiva into Cloudbeds, and the end-to-end voucher journey setup.

Voucher Lifecycle with Cloudbeds

The purpose of the integration is to fully automate the end-to-end vouchers lifecycle i.e. from creation to redemption, and payment posting to Cloudbeds Folio.

Connect Cloudbeds to aiva

Make sure that you are first logged in to both your Cloudbeds and aiva accounts.

Otherwise, you’ll be asked to log in during the authentication process.

When connecting with aiva for the first time, Cloudbeds will require you to authorize the aiva application. Click “Approve” to proceed with the installation.

Cloudbeds One-off Setup

aiva voucher can be used during reservations made via the Cloud Beds booking engine, or by the staff.

STEP 1: Enable Bank Transfer under Payment Options

To post the voucher payments, you will need to enable a Voucher Payment method in the Cloudbeds settings. The Cloudbeds Bank Transfer payment option is used for aiva vouchers.

Guests will not see the Bank Transfer option if you do not want them to see that. Make sure the instructions on how to input the voucher code are mentioned in the Bank Transfer Payment Option.

STEP 2: Create a Custom field

Create a custom field and choose it to appear on the Direct Reservation and Internet Booking Engine. This is the field used by either the guest themselves or hotel staff to input the voucher number. Name the field as aiva Voucher Code.

The custom field is automatically created when you connect aiva, so in most cases, you will just need to verify that the field is set up as per the screenshot below.

STEP 3: Add the code to the Booking Engine

Once the custom payment method is activated and the custom field is created, you can add the corresponding HTML code in the custom footer section of the booking engine. Copy and paste the following code under Custom Footer for your Hotel Booking Page.

label[for=ebanking] > a {
font-size: 0;
label[for=ebanking] > a::after {
content: 'Gift Card/Voucher Code';
font-size: 14px;

After the code is added the Bank Transfer default option, will be renamed to Gift Card/Voucher Code in your booking engine, with your instructions displayed. Check the following example for a preview:

Create Vouchers and eGift Cards in aiva

The next step is to create a voucher in aiva. Log in and create a voucher with the following key information:

Voucher Details

Title (Text)

Introduction (Text)

Details (Text)

Conditions (Text)

Dates when the voucher is available for sale


Pricing & Inventory

Retail Price

Discount (if any)

Tax information

Redeem Instruction

Instructions to book online or with the hotel staff

Link to the Online Booking Engine

Instructions where to input the unique voucher code

Voucher Visibility

For everyone

Member only vouchers

Print only vouchers

Promote vouchers on digital channels

Now that the vouchers are created, you can create a standalone vouchers page and link it to your website. Alternatively, you can embed the vouchers in any of your web pages.

Usually, hoteliers will have a button on the website called "GIFT VOUCHERS" which will redirect the customer to your newly created vouchers store. From the aiva dashboard, you can fine-tune every aspect of the voucher store appearance to match your brand:

Choose Style

Embedded in your existing website

The standalone voucher store page, with a link from your website

A floating icon on your website, to open a vouchers widget inside your website


Choose from many styles and layouts

Match every aspect of the colors

Choose a font, or upload your unique fonts

Customers buy or gift a voucher

Once the voucher store is live, customers can see the available vouchers and either buy for themselves or gift to a recipient

The voucher is delivered to the recipient in an email. Parts of the email like the logo will be uploaded to aiva dashboard.

Customers redeem the voucher online i.e. make a booking

The voucher recipient will go to the hotel's website to make a booking online. During the online booking, the customer will enter the voucher code in the custom field.

The customer will choose the Payment Method as Gift Card/Voucher Code.

Booking will be confirmed as per the Cloudbed's usual setup, and a confirmation email will be sent to the Customer from Cloudbeds. The Payment Instructions are also printed in the email.

Customers redeem the voucher by calling the hotel i.e. making a booking

While making a reservation from the Cloudbeds interface, hotel staff will input the Voucher Code as supplied by the guest.

Staff will select the payment Type as aiva voucher and enter the voucher amount. The reservation is confirmed.

Reservation in Cloudbeds

The reservation in Cloudbeds will show the Voucher Code that is entered by the guest or the staff.

aiva automation gets notified of every new reservation. For the new reservation made with a Voucher Code, aiva automation checks the status of the aiva voucher and add the notes. Notes examples:

This aiva code aivaVBAB9UGC7 is valid.

This aiva code aiva123ASASD is not valid.

For the voucher reservations, the aiva automation will also mark the status of the voucher in aiva to Redeemed.

Payment will be posted in Folio automatically for the amount that has been redeemed from the voucher. The corresponding amount will be also marked as used in aiva. If the full remaining balance of the voucher is not redeemed, the voucher balance will be updated.


What is the difference between a Voucher and eGift Card

A voucher is usually created for a particular item e.g. "2 nights weekday stay with breakfast for $399", while eGift Card is for a $ value.

In Cloudbeds, will the payment show as a deposit or payment?

Payment will show up as a payment in Folio.

Can the customer cancel the booking

Guest can cancel the booking, in which case the hotel staff will have to log into aiva and mark the voucher as Available.

Can the customer change the booking

As per the usual hotel policy, no impact on Voucher status.

Can customers use a partial balance from the Voucher?

The customer will use the whole balance in a single booking. Balance cannot be used in parts.

How do I disconnect Aiva from Cloudbeds

You can disconnect the integration from inside Cloudbeds. Once you have uninstalled aiva, the redemption process will not be automated anymore.

Have additional questions or need extra help?
For questions about the integration, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

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