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Creating and Editing a Voucher

How to create a voucher in under 5 minutes

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Create a Voucher.

Go to Vouchers, and click on "+ Voucher"

Add the following information and your voucher is ready.

1) Voucher details and conditions

2) Images

3) Pricing & Inventory

4) Redeem instructions

Edit an Existing Voucher.

Select More from an existing voucher under Vouchers and select Edit and the Edit Page for voucher will be presented.

Voucher details and conditions

Print Voucher Terms

Check the box if you want voucher specific terms to be printed on the single page PDF going to the customer. If it is not checked the general terms defined at the Business Profile level will print on the PDF. The voucher specific terms will always go as part of the email. The single page PDF has a limited space, so usually shorter general terms will be printed.

Sell Start and & End Dates

The voucher will be visible to customers if the current date is between the Sell Start Date and End Date. This is useful if you want the Voucher to be available for sale only between certain dates. If it is always available give the end date in the future e.g. 31/12/2099.

Expiry after purchase

Once the customer buys a Voucher it will be only available for Redemption within the Expiry Period. This encourages customers to use the Voucher within a certain period.

If the Print Expiry Date on PDF is ticked it will print on the single page PDF.


Only Active status Vouchers will be visible to the Customers. The Active - Members Only vouchers are only visible and available within the aiva dashboard, or a membership specific store can be created.

Redeem Validity Period

This is useful if the voucher is only available to be redeemed during a certain part of the year. Example: If the validity period is Apr 1 to Sep 30, the voucher can not be redeemed outside this period.

  • If you select a year, PDF will print the exact date, month and year you selected

  • If you select only the date and month, not the year, system will dynamically calculate the nearest year and print on the PDF.

If the Print Redeem Validity Date is ticked it will print on the single page PDF.

Customer Search Tags

You can choose your own tags, and they help customers filter for the options.

Allow Gifting

If checked customers will see the Giftable option, and they will be able to gift the voucher to someone else. Recommended to be ticked, unless for a specific reason, you do not want to allow gifting.

Display Order

This decides the order Vouchers show to your customers. If you do not choose an order, they will be displayed Randomly.

Pricing & Inventory


You can put in the Price, Discount (optional), and specify how tax is calculated.


Total available to sell: are the max vouchers that will be sold, after which they will show as Sold Out.

Order purchase limit: are the max vouchers a person can buy in one order

Enable multiple choices:

If this is checked, you will be able to add multiple options for the Vouchers, with pricing for each option separately

Manage Inventory at Choice Level

If this is enabled, you will be given the option to specify Total available to sell and Order purchase limit at each Choice level

Redeem Instructions

These instructions will show to the customer when they click on redeem and search with their voucher number.

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