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Sell Vouchers from your website

How to add a link to your website for the Voucher store

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You have three ways to promote and sell vouchers from your website

1) Standalone page, that links from your website

2) Embed vouchers in your webpage

3) Show a little button on your website e.g. "Special Offers"

Go to Connect, choose one of the three options, and click on "+ Connect"

Follow these steps:

1) Type an integration name

2) Select the business names (multiple in case you own more than one businesses)

3) Appearance - Choose the avatar image you want to display on your website

4) Nudges - Add nudges to get your customers attention

5) Position - Choose where on your website you want to display the Voucher avatar

6) Publish your Vouchers - Follow the instructions to copy the code and add to your website

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