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Vouchers ideas

Get some ideas on kind of vouchers you can create and promote.

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Transfer add-ons

Offer a free shuttle pick-up and drop-off or add the actual cost to your experience (don’t inflate it).

Mid-week meals

Do you have a slow night in your restaurant, use your vouchers to boost sales. Create a family dinner package or a romantic date night voucher complete with a bottle of bubbly!

Balance seasonality

Offer a low-season discount voucher to entice customers to travel out of peak season.

Early bird

Add an early bird deal for your low season to bring forward cash flow, making sure you list dates vouchers aren’t valid.

Voucher longevity

Give vouchers longevity to encourage purchasers who have not locked in travel dates.

Take home add-ons

Add a free digital photograph to your full-price entry. Clients love a value add and it encourages them to share on their socials while tagging your business of course!

Last minute deals

Post a special offer to fill the last seats on your tour. Beyond the breakeven point, additional sales are the cherry on top!

Get creative

Combine your product offerings to create a new experience. You could add a morning tea with an entry ticket or work with industry colleagues to create new packages.

Fill to capacity

Some days are slower than others, so use vouchers to reach capacity by targeting sluggish days with discounts or incentives.

Target special days

Vouchers account for over 50% of sales leading up to Christmas, so make sure you have a strong voucher offering for special days like Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s days.

Encourage direct bookings

Replicate your third-party offers on your own website to encourage direct bookings.

Seasonal add-ons

Think seasonally! A free slushy for the kids in summer or a hot chocolate in winter can be a huge incentive.

Target your audience

Why not offer a free ice pole for each child with entry to encourage families, a free scone with every coffee for your grey nomads, or a free babycino for mums with toddlers.

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