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Oracle Opera Cloud Integration
Oracle Opera Cloud Integration

Oracle Opera Cloud integration allows for automation of check-in process

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Who is this handbook for?

If you are a hotel using Oracle Opera Cloud as your Property Management System (PMS), you can take advantage of extended automation provided by, which allows you to automate a number of guest inquiries.

This handbook is for OPERA Chain Administrator to understand and enable the integration.


About is a hotel chatbot trained by hoteliers for the hotel and hospitality industry. enables a seamless conversation using the power of AI & live agents. Chatbot works 24/7 and responds to all online inquiries instantly, and encourages customers to book direct. The Chatbot is available on websites, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

About Oracle OPERA Cloud

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management is a popular cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform for next-generation hotel management. Part of the OPERA Cloud Hospitality Platform, OPERA Cloud offers an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management, and secure data storage.

About the Integration is helping customers pre-booking as well as pre-check in and at the property. To help guests who are already booked, integration plays a vital role. Chatbot is able to verify the reservation against Oracle Opera Cloud, and assist customers will change/modify bookings, as well as taking their requests and adding notes directly against their reservation record in Oracle Opera Cloud. is part of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), and the AI Chatbot is published in the Oracle Marketplace. See here.

With the availability of Oracle Opera Cloud Integration with Chatbot, you can automate a number of pre-arrival questions and campaigns:

✅ pulls reservation data from Oracle Opera Could and allows you to send high-quality pre-arrival messages to WhatsApp and other channels your guests are using

✅ looks up booking source and guide guests on cancellations and change reservation related questions

✅ Any pre-arrival request from the guest is added as a note, alert, or trace to their reservation record in Oracle Opera Cloud

Integration Options integrates with Oracle OPERA Cloud using OHIP.

In 2021 with the launch of OHIP (Oracle Hospitality Integrations Platform), Oracle completely revamped the integration technology and processes, making it seamless for 3rd parties to integrate with Oracle OPERA Cloud.

Verify you are running OPERA Cloud and have an active subscription to OPERA Cloud Foundation. Please verify this with your Oracle account manager if in doubt.

There are two ways to set up the integration:


We register the app in OHIP on your behalf


You register the App in OHIP

Method A is recommended by due to our ready and tested procedures, this will make the process easier for you. If you have experience with OHIP, you can choose Method B.

Integration with METHOD A

Property Information Needed app needs to be subscribed to both Opera Cloud and Opera Cloud Foundation. needs the following Property Information to onboard the AI Chatbot app into OHIP.

1) Chain Code

2) Property Code

3) OPERA Cloud Version

4) OPERA Cloud Admin Contact Details (Name & Email)

5) URL Property Connects to access OPERA Cloud

6) Confirmation that you have subscribed to OPERA Cloud Foundation

Please email this information to [email protected]

1) How to find Chain Code in OPERA Cloud

Log into OPERA Cloud and navigate to the top right of the application.

  1. Click on the property code

  2. Click on the drop-down box, and then a pop-up will appear

  3. Now click on the ‘Hub’ radio button, and ‘Search’

  4. You will now see the ‘Hub’, which is the Chain Code

  5. Select Cancel to revert back to the property’s OPERA Cloud Application

2) How to find Property Code in OPERA Cloud

Log into OPERA Cloud and in the top right corner, the Property Code and Property Name are displayed

3) How to find OPERA Cloud Version

Log into OPERA Cloud and in the bottom right corner, the Version is displayed

4) Supply Contact Details

Should we need to get in touch with the property about the integration, please provide:

- OPERA Cloud Administrator Name:

- Email:

5) How to find OPERA Cloud Property URL

The property URL is the URL a property uses to log into OPERA Cloud. This will look slightly different for a Production versus Non-Production environment, however, it will look something like this:

On this OPERA log-in page, click “Register New Account”. A new tab will open in your browser, with Identity Self Service. This URL should be provided.

Onboarding a Hotel Chain into OHIP will onboard you into OHIP, so most of the heavy lifting is managed by the team.

With the information you provide us, we will follow the following steps to onboard the chain into OHIP.

1) Set up an Integration User for access to the chain ( Responsibility)

2) Property Approval of Integration User (Hotel Responsibility)

3) Partner verifies Integration User Access ( Responsibility)

4) Add Property Environment in Developer Portal ( Responsibility)

5) Access Environment Credentials ( Responsibility)

Property Approval of Integration User

Once Step 1 is completed by, the Hotel Chain Administrator for the OPERA Cloud will approve the User. Follow these steps:

1) Log in to SSD, locate the Integration User request, claim it, and approve this user.

2) Also confirm the “WSACCESS” role is assigned to the newly created integration user. will complete steps 3 through 5, after which the integration will be set up by using the Dashboard.

Integration with METHOD B

Register App in OHIP

If you choose the option of adding the App in OHIP yourselves, follow the steps below:

1) Sign in to the Developer Portal to register the app.

  • Contact your Oracle administrator to receive the Developer Portal URL, then open this URL in a browser.

  • Enter your username and password.

  • Click Sign In.

2) In the Oracle Hospitality Developer Portal, click the Applications tab.

3) Click Register Application.

4) On the Register Details panel, enter the application name and an optional description.

5) Enter the Application Name as

6) Optionally, add a Description for the application, e.g. "Chatbot and Live Chat from"

7) Optionally, select the Application Type.

8) Select the environment as Production.

9) In the Contact Information section, enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Entering Phone Number and Company Name is optional.

10) Click Next.

11) On the Subscriptions panel, select the group of Oracle Hospitality APIs to which you want to subscribe to this application and then select the Subscribe check box.

12) Click Register. The message Application Registered Successfully confirms the registration.

13) Your newly registered application appears at the top of the list on the Applications tab.

15) Click View details, and then under the Application Key, click Show or click Copy.

Use Cases

Pre-Arrival Nurturing

Send high-quality WhatsApp, SMS, or Email campaigns to guests before their arrival, with information, guidance, and personalized upsell options.

Configure the options in Dashboard

The messages can be configured to be sent any number of days before checking. pick all the upcoming reservations from OPERA Cloud and sends the messages out.

Pre-Arrival Support

When customers engage with the Chatbot, they can get even better support with the integration into Oracle Opera Cloud. Some use cases:

  1. is able to verify the reservation by asking Guest's Name and Confirmation Number

  2. Chatbot will take pre-check-in requests and add them to the reservation record in Opera

  3. Chatbot will guide guests through cancellation and change policies

In-Stay Support

Guest can scan a QR code in the room, and Digital Compendium will be able to welcome the guest with their name, and push any information and updates as Notes back to Oracle Opera Cloud Reservation.


Can the guest change the booking will enforce the policy based on the policy attached to the guests existing booking in OPERA Cloud. If the change policy allows modification, guests can change the booking.

Can I use this integration if I am using Oracle Opera On-Prem?

At this stage, the integration is supported for Oracle Opera Cloud users only, so we will not be able to integrate into On-Prem version. There are a lot of other useful features of the Chatbot that you still will be able to benefit from.

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