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Meet guests on Google Maps and Search
Meet guests on Google Maps and Search

Offer Chat option inside Google’s search results and Maps

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Ever wondered how you can offer a chat button inside Google's Search Results and Maps? This is possible with's integration with Google Messages.

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You will receive messages from Google Messages right in the Dashboard. Keep all your communication in one place, and automate responses to Google messages by connecting to Chatbot.

The installation process is very simple.

  1. Click here to complete a short form, and press Submit. Following information is required to be submitted in the form:

    1. Website Address

    2. Property Phone Number

    3. Link to your Privacy Policy

    4. Link to Contact Us page on your website

    5. Property Address

    6. Square Logo

    7. Your Full Name and Email

  2. The team at will submit your request to Google.

  3. The email address provided in Step 1 will receive an email from Google to approve the use of Google Business Messages.

4. Reply to this email, as per the instructions shared by Google

5. The team at will activate your connection.

It usually takes 1 week from the time the form is submitted to get the chat button live on Google Maps and Search Results.

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