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Getting Started with Digital Compendium
Getting Started with Digital Compendium

Guest information at the click of a button or scan of a QR code

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Streamline the check-in process and ensure your customers’ questions are answered instantly, regardless of the time of day or night. Our Compendium solution provides everything your customers need at the click of a button, saving you time and money. This AI Chatbot is integrated into the Compendium to answer questions in a flash.

With Digital Compendium you can maintain a catalog of services and add-on's you offer to your guests. The catalog can be shared with guests to prepare them better while reducing the load on your staff.

✅ Check-In Information

✅ Products

✅ Information

✅ Room Service

✅ Concierge Services

✅ Getting around Information

✅ Group specific Guides

The catalog can be shared as a link on your website, in WhatsApp messages, SMS, and Emails, or integrated into your guest apps.


Start by looking at the demo Digital Compendium. This will give you an idea of how your Compendium will look like, when ready.

Almost every element of what you see can be customized, especially the items that show up in the list.

Guest Compendium Items and Categories

Go to Virtual Front Desk -> Digital Compendium.

You can start adding the items that you want to appear in the Digital Compendium. You can choose a different category for each item, add links to external pages, and even mention pricing.

Generate a Link

You can start previewing your Digital Compendium, also customize its appearance by creating your Digital Compendium.

Click on the newly available integration and from the screen below you can manage your appearance, and preview your Digital Compendium.

Sharing Compendium with Guests

Print QR Code

The best way to share the Compendium with your in-house guests is to place a QR code at various places on your property.

The Digital Compendium link can be printed as a QR code and be available in rooms and common areas.

You can convert your link into the QR code easily by using free online tools:

Some design examples below for inspiration on how the QR code can be displayed.

Send as an email

Just take the link and share it in emails, a few days before the guests check in. This will ensure they are familiar with your property.

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