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Merchant Responsibilities

Merchant is responsible for the creation and operation of the Vouchers.

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When a business signs up to aiva, they are signing up to be a Merchant.

aiva facilitates the Merchant to advertise, promote and sell its goods or services to Customers in the form of Vouchers. The Merchant is a supplier of goods or services who is willing to sell those goods or services, sometimes at a discounted price. Merchant is responsible for the creation and operation of their Vouchers.

Merchant owns the Vouchers and are responsible for making the Vouchers available on their direct Sales Channels, or 3rd party business Sales Channels, which is typically the website.

Any voucher sale made through the aiva platform is directly between the Merchant and the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, refunds, returns, fulfilling any sales or customer service, fraudulent transactions, required legal disclosures, regulatory compliance etc.

Please refer to the complete Terms of Service for details.

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