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Issuing Refunds

Process to issue voucher refund

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If a refund is needed for a voucher, Merchant will email the voucher number, customer email, and amount to [email protected]. aiva team will process the Refund from Stripe.

When we submit a refund, Stripe sends the requests to your customer’s bank or card issuer. Successful refunds appear on the bank statement of your customers in real time, depending on the card network and issuing bank. You can’t cancel refunds after they’re issued.

  1. The whole Voucher amount is refunded to the customer.

  2. The aiva fee and if any third party fee was applied, they are returned to the Merchant through Stripe.

  3. Stripe doesn’t return processing fees from the original transaction if it’s refunded, so roughly 3% to 4% of the original voucher amount won't be returned to the Merchant.

The Merchant will be responsible to go to the aiva Dashboard, and marking the Voucher as Refunded. This is important so that the Voucher cannot be used by the customer.

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