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Formatting Messages

Showing links in the conversation messages

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Text can utilise markdown to build more expressive and engaging textual messages. You can find a rundown of the markdown format we use by following this link:

You can see some examples of multiple forms of markdown being used to spice up a piece of text.

To add heading:

# H1 ## H2 ### H3

To add a link:

You can contact us at [+64 22 111 0002](tel:+64221110002)

For the links and phone numbers, it is important to note that text in [] will show to the guest, and on clicking of that link, () will open. The format is important too, some tips for telephone numbers:

  • tel: is case sensitive

  • Don't add any blank space anywhere inside ()

  • Use +Country code, same like you will dial from your phone


  • [+64 22 111 0002](tel:+64 22 111 0002)

  • [+64 22 111 0002](tel:64 22 111 0002)

  • [+64 22 111 0002](Tel:+64221110002)

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