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Facebook & Instagram Messaging Policy
Facebook & Instagram Messaging Policy

Connect to customers effectively through Messenger and Instagram to achieve meaningful outcomes

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There are two types of messages you can send to a user:

  1. Standard Message

  2. Sponsored Message

Standard Messaging

According to Facebook, you may reply to a user message within 24 hours of the last user message. You may include promotional messages as part of the response.

If Facebook and Instagram are connected to, the AI Chatbot will instantly respond to customer queries.

Facebook and Instagram also enable businesses to send important and personally relevant 1:1 updates to users outside the 24 hour Standard messaging window. This cannot be an automated message but initiated by one of your staff. sends Facebook a Message Tag named Human Agent that allows businesses to manually respond to user messages within a 7-day period.

In Unified Inbox, you will see conversations within the 7 days as Active. Your staff can Take Control of the conversation and respond to the message.

For promotions, Sponsored Messages can be sent outside the 24 hours standard messaging window. This is applicable to only Facebook, not Instagram.

Sponsored Messaging

Sponsored Messages allow businesses to reengage with people who have an open conversation with their Page in Messenger. Sponsored Messages can be sent outside the 24 hour standard messaging window and can include both promotional and non-promotional content. Sponsored messages are annotated in the conversation with the word 'Sponsored' above the message.

Sponsored message content must comply with advertising policies. For more information on sending sponsored messages, see Sponsored messages. does not provide support to send bulk Sponsored Messages.

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