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What's New with aiva

We are constantly improving our product, stay up to date with aiva product releases and new features.

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Feb 2024

SEO Settings

For your Online Voucher store now you can choose your own Favicon, title, and meta description. They are all important elements for visuals as well as for search engines.

Jan 2024

New Single Page Voucher PDF

You can now choose the layout of the PDF attachment that goes as a part of the voucher purchase confirmation. There are two options to choose from:

  1. Summarized single page PDF

  2. Detailed multi page PDF

Below is an example of a single page PDF, with all marked components dynamically picked from the setup.

View Voucher PDF Copy

Now staff members can go to the existing orders and view the PDF that was emailed to the voucher recipient.

Seamless Voucher Balance Update & Redemption

Staff members can redeem a Voucher or a Gift Card balance (fully or partially) by scanning the QR code printed on the customer's PDF copy.


Voucher Validity Period

You are already able to select the expiry date of a voucher e.g. 3 years from the date of purchase. Now you can enter the validity period as well to lockout certain days, e.g. you can say that the voucher is valid between 1st Feb and 31st August only. These dates will be printed on the Voucher PDF too, so that the customers are made aware of these validity dates.

Gift Card Top Up

The customer can now top up the balance of the existing gift card anytime from the Voucher store. The new amount they purchase will be added to their current unique Gift Card code. The log will be added to the Order details screen, so you can always go back and see the transactions.

Group Level Store

For customers with multiple businesses, you can now create a group-level store, besides having the property-level voucher stores.

This is particularly useful for our hotel group clients, who have one group-level website where they can show vouchers from all properties, and at each property page, only the vouchers from that property will display.

Email Customizations

You can replace the name that appears to your customers to show as your business name as well as the address to your business address. This means more personalization when the customers get the voucher or eGift card delivered in the email.


Social Sharing

Get your customers to spread the love by enabling the share button on the vouchers. You can enable:

  • Facebook

  • Tweeter

  • LinkedIn

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency

Now your vouchers can be made available in multiple languages and multiple currencies. You have full control over which languages and currencies to enable and the rates in each currency.

Jul 2023

Apply Promo Code While Purchasing Vouchers

Promote your Vouchers and eGift Card store with promo codes. You can issue a Gift Card for set values to your customers to apply towards buying or gifting a voucher. It is a great way to say thank you and encourage your guests to be repeat customers.

aiva gift vouchers with promo code

Apr 2023

Advertise On Your Voucher & eGift Store

Now you can show third-party ads on your store and charge advertisers based on a combination of a number of rules:

  1. Fixed charge a day

  2. Number of impressions

  3. Number of clicks

Feb 2023

Paypal Payment Gateway

aiva already supports integration with Stripe, now businesses have a choice to add PayPal as a payment option too

Abandon Card Followup

In aiva's efforts to further reduce the cart abandonment rate, a follow-up feature is being added for the shoppers who drop out at the later stages of the voucher purchasing process.

The customer will get an email within 15 minutes of dropping off, encouraging them to continue the journey.

Sell Vouchers on Site/ Print Vouchers

This new feature enables businesses to sell vouchers on-site, or print them. This supports a number of scenarios:

✔️ Take payment on the POS machine/Cash, and sell the voucher from the aiva Dashboard

✔️ If you are giving away the voucher as a sponsorship, or as a way to say thanks to the customer, you can record payment as waived

✔️ Encourage customers to come back by giving them the voucher to use in the next visit

Jan 2023

Amount Gift Cards

Shoppers are able to buy an e-gift card for the particular amount they like


New Orders Screen

A new Order screen loaded with a lot more information and features:

✔️ New look

Ability to add notes

✔️ View history and past comments

✔️ View shopper details like device used and location

Pre Generated codes

A new Order screen loaded with a lot more information and features:

✔️ New look

Ability to add notes

✔️ View history and past comments

✔️ View shopper details like device used and location

Statement CSV Download

aiva users were able to view the statement and download it in PDF. Now the download is available in a CSV format so that the file can be opened in Excel.

eVoucher Email "from" address

Shoppers will have better brand recognition, as the eVoucher emails can now be delivered with your business name

Ability to schedule eVoucher delivery

When gifting eVoucher, shoppers can choose a delivery date when they want the vouchers to be delivered to the recipient

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