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Gift card top-up

How a customer can top-up their existing Gift Card.

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Initial Purchase

When your customers buy a gift card, they will choose an amount to buy. The amount will be between the minimum and maximum value that you defined during the Gift Card setup.

The customer will be issued a unique Gift Card Code e.g. aivaJKGHDS, that they will receive in an email.

Balance Redemption

When a customer books a stay or purchases something from you, it is your responsibility to log into aiva and reduce the balance. There is a simple screen to either fully or partially reduce the balance. It can be done quickly using a mobile friendly screen or on a desktop.

Check Balance

You or the customer can check the remaining balance anytime from your voucher store.

Balance Topup

The customer can top up the balance anytime from the Voucher store. The new amount they purchase will be added to their current unique Gift Card code. The log will be added to the Order details screen, so you can always go back and see the transactions.

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