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Go from busy work to less work with powerful forms that capture guest inquiries efficiently and automate workflows. Design form in minutes.

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Improve your workflow with powerful forms designed to meet every need of a hotel. Gather important information, attachments, and signatures directly on your forms. Use the forms inside the Chatbot or share them anywhere with a link.

Out Of The Box Forms

Most of the forms hotels use are already prebuilt in the platform. You can always adapt them to your own needs.

Here is the list of available forms:

  • Group booking inquiry

  • Long stay inquiry

  • Reservation confirmation request

  • Cancel or modify booking

  • Pre Check-in

  • Reg form

  • Meeting & events inquiry

  • Wedding inquiry

  • Housekeeping request

  • Lost & found

  • Invoice/receipt copy request

Creating a New Form

When creating a new form, the following information is needed:

  1. Title: Form title displayed on form.

  2. Form Type: Internal field to record the type of form.

  3. Subject: Subject of the notification email sent to the hotel staff when a new form submission is received.

  4. Subtitle: Form subtitle displayed on the form.

  5. Success Message: Message displayed after the form is successfully submitted.

  6. Form Content: This is where a form is created in JSON format.

  7. +File Upload: To include attachments in the form.

Form Content

Different elements you can add in a form:


"type": "TextBlock",
"size": "Medium",
"weight": "Bolder",
"text": "Guest Information"

Text Input:

"type": "Input.Text",
"id": "guest_first_name",
"placeholder": "Guest First Name *",
"isMultiline": false,
"isRequired": false

Input Text with conditions:

"type": "Input.Text",
"id": "email",
"placeholder": "Email *",
"isMultiline": false,
"errorMessage": "Plz enter valid email address",
"regex": "^[a-zA-Z0-9._:$!%-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+.[a-zA-Z]$",
"isRequired": true

"type": "Input.Text",
"id": "phone_number",
"placeholder": "Phone Number *",
"isMultiline": false,
"regex": "^[0-9]$",
"isRequired": true

Country Input:

"type": "Input.ChoiceSet",
"placeholder": "Country of Origin",
"label": "Country of Origin",
"value": "Country of Origin",
"isRequired": true,
"id": "guest_address",
"errorMessage": "Plz enter your country of origin"

Date Input:

"type": "Input.Date",
"placeholder": "Arrival Date *",
"label": "Arrival Date *",
"value": "Arrival Date *",
"isRequired": true,
"id": "start_date"

Dropdown Choice:

"type": "Input.ChoiceSet",
{ "title": "Vacation",
"value": "Vacation"
"title": "Business",
"value": "Business"
"title": "Personal",
"value": "Personal"
"placeholder": "Reason for Staying",
"label": "Reason for Staying",
"value": "Reason for Staying",
"isRequired": false,
"id": "travel_reason"

Number Input:

"type": "Input.Number",
"id": "number_of_guests",
"placeholder": "Number of Guests *",
"label": "Number of Guests",
"min": 1,
"max": 20,
"value": 3,
"isRequired": true

Terms & Conditions:

"type": "Input.Toggle",
"title": "I acknowledge and accept the <a href='' target='_blank'>Liability information</a>.",
"isRequired": true,
"errorMessage": "Please accept terms before proceeding."

Signature Input:

"type": "Input.Signature",
"title": "Draw your signature",
"isRequired": true,
"id": "signature"
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