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Membership Only Vouchers

Learn how to make the most use out of the membership feature

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In this article, we will learn how the Membership feature works as well as go through a few examples use cases of this feature.

Potential Use Cases

Membership feature can be used for the following scenarios:

  • Creating a web page with Membership vouchers only. This is particularly useful if you want to showcase a list of vouchers to only a certain group. Multiple memberships can be created.

  • Offering exclusive vouchers that can be sent to a specific customer to purchase.

Set Up Guide

Requisite: You can learn how to navigate to the voucher edit page via this article.

Voucher Set up.

Navigate to the voucher edit page and ensure that the following settings are set as below:

  • Status: Set to Active - Members Only.

  • Members Only check box: Ticked.

  • Membership Name: Select Add Membership to add your membership name. In this example, the chosen name was Andy's Club.

Integration Set up.

Navigate to your integration page via Connect from the side menu.

Under Select properties, ensure the following settings are set:

  • Members Only checkbox: Ticked.

  • Membership dropdown menu: select the membership that you created earlier, which in this case is Andy's Club

That's it, now the integration that you have editing will be the membership integration and will only show the voucher with the same membership assigned.

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