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Show Chatbot inside RMS Booking Engine.
Show Chatbot inside RMS Booking Engine.

Stay with the customer during the booking journey by enabling Chatbot to appear inside the RMS Booking Engine.

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Updated over a week ago and RMS partner to bring the power of AI to the RMS’ fully interactive and customisable internet booking engine.

The integration between and RMS opens up the ability to bring Chatbot inside the RMS Booking Engine. With this integration you can stay with the customer throughout their booking journey, and answer all their questions promptly, increasing the chances of a confirmed booking.

Without the integration Chatbot is added to a hotel website, but when the customer gets to the RMS Booking Page, the Chatbot is not present to assist the customer.

With the integration

The integration enables the Chatbot to be present on the RMS Booking Page, like below. Now your prospective customers have the opportunity to ask questions while in the booking flow which increases the chances of conversion.

Enabling the integration

Enabling the integration is easy. Once the Chatbot is installed on your website, it can be enabled on the RMS Booking page by following these easy steps:

Log into RMS.

1. From the Left hand side menu items, select Module Market

a. Under Module Market, select Available filter at the top left

b. Toggle the slider to On for AI Chatbot on the bottom right of the tile

2. You will be prompted with the T&Cs, select Activate at the bottom

3. Select the Activated tab at the top to go to activated modules       

a. Select the cog icon to complete the setup, which is at the top right of the tile     

4. Select the Configuration cogs

5. Enter the group id (gid) and integration id (iid) from the previously provided chatbot installation script. Please look for BMB_MESSENGER_gid & BMB_MESSENGER_iid in the script to find the values. The script can also be accessed via the dashboard under Connect (from the side menu) -> Channels -> Your Connected Channels -> Select the preferred Web Widget -> Publish your digital assistant.

a. Save & exit

You are all set! The AI Chatbot will start appearing inside the RMS Booking Engine.

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