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Multi-lingual Settings

Engage and support customers in the language they prefer

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Understanding the basics

The Knowledge Hub about your property is maintained in one language. Most customers choose to maintain their Knowledge in English, but that is a choice based on what your staff is most comfortable using. Any translation is done on the fly from the base language.

There are several controls available to fine-tune the language translation. Speak to your support team to learn about the options.

Language settings

Every Messaging Channel has its settings, so you have full control over which languages you want to enable in which channel. You can enable these settings for:

  • Web Chatbot

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Google Messages

  • WhatsApp

Choose the languages

You can choose the languages that you want to enable for your Chatbot. When a user clicks on the Switch language button on the AI Chatbot, they will see the language options that are available to them.

If the Language is not enabled, the switch language button will not appear on the AI Chatbot.

Auto language detection

When enabled:

  • the AI Chatbot will attempt to detect the language based on the customer message and respond in the same language.

  • this works across all languages, you can't choose to block any language from auto-detection.

  • the first 5 customer messages are detected, and the responses after that are set to the language of the 5th message. This is based on the assumption that the user will type in their preferred language during the first 5 messages.

Default language by URL

It is common for most websites to have content in different languages and available on different URLs.


Like your website pages, you will want the AI Chatbot to open up in the same language as the website. Using this option you can define the URLs and the AI Chatbot language for them.

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