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What's New with Digital Compendium
What's New with Digital Compendium

We are constantly improving our product, stay up to date with's Digital Compendium releases and new features.

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Additional Themes

Two new themes have been added to the Digital Compendium, allowing you to showcase your services in multiple themes and designs.

Data Insights

Now you can see exactly where the QR code is scanned allowing you to see the correlation of the usage to guest location.


Digital Compendium SEO Settings

Now you can personalize the Compendium experience even more by adding the following:

  • Favicon

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Short URL

Feedback Form

A new Feedback Form has been released that will help you capture guest feedback and encourage the guest to post positive feedback on TripAdvisor and Google while collecting any negative feedback and alerting the property staff.


Form Enhancements's Forms Builder improves your workflow with powerful forms designed to meet every need of a hotel. With new enhancements, the forms are even more powerful.

Most of the forms hotels use are now prebuilt in the platform. You can always adapt them to your own needs.

Here is the list of available forms:

  • Pet Waiver Form

  • Pre Check-in

  • Reg form

  • Housekeeping request

  • Lost & found

  • Invoice/receipt copy request

Now you can capture attachments and guest signatures inside the forms too.


Refreshed Dashboard with branding branding has been introduced to the Dashboard with improvements around navigation. We believe that the simple changes will make it easy for your to find your way around the dashboard.


Digital Compendium is now Multi-Lingual

Digital Compendium can now be designed in +10 languages, giving you the opportunity to provide a very personalized service


Pre-Arrival & In-Stay Digital Guest Compendium

With this new feature, you can maintain a catalog of services and add-ons you offer to your guests.

The catalog can be shared with guests to prepare them better while reducing the load on your staff.

✅ Check-In Information

✅ Products

✅ Information

✅ Room Service

✅ Concierge Services

✅ Getting around Information

✅ Group-Specific Guides

The catalog can be shared as a link on your website, in WhatsApp messages, SMS, Emails, or integrated into your guest apps

Oracle Opera Cloud Integration

With the availability of Oracle Opera Cloud Integration with Chatbot, you can automate a number of pre-arrival questions and campaigns:

✅ pulls reservation data from Oracle Opera Could and allows you to send high-quality pre-arrival messages to WhatsApp and other channels your guests are using

✅ looks up booking source and guide guests on cancellations and change reservation-related questions

✅ Any pre-arrival request from the guest is added as a note, alert or trace to their reservation record in Oracle Opera Cloud


WhatsApp Integration

Send high-quality WhatsApp campaigns to offer guests add-ons and the pre Check-In information.

The campaigns will prepare guests for arrival and help you sell more add-on's and upsells.

Customers can also ask question on WhatsApp, and responses will be on autopilot

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