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Content Items in Digital Compendium
Content Items in Digital Compendium

Showcase your business facilities and area in its unique way

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Go to Virtual Front Desk -> Digital Compendium

You can create Content Items to showcase your restaurants, spa & wellness, trails or anything else your guests will need to know about the business.

When creating a Content Item the following information can be added:


The title is a short text that shows on the item displays


Key Choice

You can choose one of the following:

Information Only

Choose this to display information only

Information & Action

Choose this to display information and an action button. The button can take user to an external booking page, or menu page, or bring a form for the user to submit. There are various options that you can select in the Booking/Buy Method.

Information, Action & Pricing

This is same as Information & Action, but you can show a price. Example:

60 Minutes Spa

$100 and $150

Book Now


This is a long text, where you can add text with bold, italics, bullet points, numbers, etc.

Guest Lifecycle Applicability

This helps you filter items that are specific to a certain stage. You can create multiple URL variants and show only items relevant to that stage.

If you are sending a link to the Digital Compendium 5 days before arrival, you can show only the items that are the items by Pre Check-In.


If you want to create items that are only visible to a certain group e.g. VIP or a corporate group coming for a conference, you can mark the item membership, and then filter those items by sharing a unique link with that membership group


This is for recording purposed only, not in use.


Active items are shown in the Digital Compendium. Inactive, Draft or Archive are not displayed.


Key Choice

Categories are used to show items under a certain group. This is quite important as you can select layouts at the category level. You can define your own categories e.g.:

  • Welcome

  • Activities

  • Pools & Beaches

  • Golf

  • Shopping

Booking/Buy Method

Key Choice

This option only appears when the type is Information & Action. The options are:

External URL

You can define the click of a button to open an external URL inside the Digital Compendium window

External URL (New Window)

You can define the click of a button to open an external URL in a new window. Many websites are locked to not open inside other apps, so this will be a safer option


This is to open a aiva Digital Voucher with the click of a button. You

Take Payment

Coming Soon!

Submit Form

You can define the click of a button to open one of your forms. This could be a form to submit feedback, maintenance requests, activity requests etc.


The image shows as a hero image for that Content Item.


You can choose from a library of icon's provided by, or upload your own.

Icon Background Color

Icon background color

Icon Color

Icon color

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