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Configure your AI Phone Agent
Configure your AI Phone Agent

Select the capabilities and features you want enabled for the AI Phone Agent

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As a business, you can employ one or more AI Voice Agents and instruct them to do a particular task.

Each AI Voice Agent has its own settings


Call recording feature captures audio of conversations for future reference, ensuring accuracy, and improving training and compliance. You can go back and listen to the full call recording anytime.


Spoken conversations are converted into text, enabling easier record-keeping, searchability, and analysis. With this feature turned on,

Select Voice Actor

Choose from 10's of human-like voices for natural-sounding audio. You can play your own promotes to see how the voice will sound for your business specific terms.

You can start with a voice and change anytime later on just from one

Sentiment Analysis (Coming Soon)

Identify when negative or positive emotions are expressed, allowing timely and appropriate responses to enhance customer service and address issues proactively.


Streaming Intercepts and injects live audio for real-time audio processing, allowing for AI-driven live dashboards on contact centre performance and analysis.

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