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Getting Started With AI Chatbot
Getting Started With AI Chatbot

A quick guide on how to setup the's Digital Assistant.

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Knowledge Hub

Like any new employee, you need to provide training to your newly appointed digital assistant. You will also need to keep the Digital Assistant up to date with any changes in your property.

Log in to the Dashboard, and under Knowledge Hub you will see various items, comprising of about 250 most common questions guests ask a hotel.

For every knowledge item, you can add one or more text messages, along with either image(s), or a link.

If you have any information that does not fits one of the available knowledge items, add it under the Add Your Own section.

Click on the Publish GPT button after the changes. It takes about 10 minutes and the Digital Assistant is trained with all the new or updated knowledge.

Ensure you provide the full context in the knowledge hub messages:

Wrong: Opening hours are 11 am to 11 pm

Right: Restaurant opening hours are 11 am to 11 pm

Add all your room types to the About Rooms section. This is used to show the rooms to the users.

Web Widget for Website

For Website Digital Assistant, we recommend adding Web Widget which allows you to present common inquiries and workflows in an easy to view layout.

Every aspect of Web Widget Menus is in your control. You can add and update Web Widget Menus from the Virtual Front Desk menu.

Categories can be renamed and ordered from the Edit Category option, and each item can be dragged to be positioned at the desired place.

Custom Forms and Workflows

A number of custom forms can be created that trigger a workflow. The example forms are:

  • Amenity Booking

  • Meeting Room Booking

  • Change or Cancel Booking

  • Lost & Found

Get in touch with team to create custom forms.

Connect Digital Assistant to Website

Feel like meeting your Digital Assistant and seeing it in action?

You are now one step closer to providing the best conversational experience to customers interested in booking with you 🏄.

Create a Connection and choose the following:

1) Digital Assistant Avatar & Name

2) The appearance of the chat window that will show on your website

3) Add nudges so that your digital assistant can greet and engage your website visitors.

4) Get a link to preview your Digital Assistant in action and test it before going live.

5) Code snippet to add to your website, and your Digital Assistant is ready to say Hi! to your website visitors

Social Channels

Besides the website, you can connect your AI Chatbot to respond to messages coming from the following channels:

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Google Messages

  • WhatsApp

  • Instagram (Coming soon)

  • (Coming soon)

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