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Connect Chatbot to Website
Connect Chatbot to Website

Make your Digital Assistant appear in the Website. You can customize every element to match your brand.

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Feel like meeting your Digital Assistant and seeing it in action?

From the intuitive dashboard you can create a website integration and choose every element from security to appearance and functionality:

Connect Chatbot to Website


Things you can customize:

  1. Digital Assistant Avatar & Name

  2. The appearance of the chat window that will show on your website

  3. Add nudges so that your digital assistant can greet and engage your website visitors.

  4. Pre and Post forms to capture customer personal information

  5. Multi-language settings

  6. Position on your website

  7. Website pages where you want the Chatbot to appear

You can see the preview right from the integration settings, and once you are happy to publish the Chatbot on your website, copy the code snippet and paste it before closing the </body> tag on your website. Usually, the code can be added at one location on your website for it to apply to all pages.

Sample Code

Sample code snippet below:

<!-- This is start of the AI Digital Assistant code --> <script> var BMB_MESSENGER_domain = ''; var BMB_messengerHTMLPath = BMB_MESSENGER_domain + 'index.html'; var BMB_MESSENGER_head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var BMB_MESSENGER_script = document.createElement('script'); BMB_MESSENGER_script.type = 'text/javascript'; BMB_MESSENGER_script.src = BMB_MESSENGER_domain + 'msgplugin.js'; BMB_MESSENGER_head.appendChild(BMB_MESSENGER_script); var BMB_MESSENGER_gid = 'f49d1df2-f9b3-416e-a366-adf7ef6e7c63'; var BMB_MESSENGER_iid = '77f816d9-017b-4e40-8e94-6cc0916dd72e'; var BMB_MESSENGER_pid = ''; </script> <!-- This is end of the Help Ceter digital assistant code -->

Google Tag Manager

Alternatively, you can add Chatbot To Your Website Using Google Tag Manager. Follow the instructions here

All done! Your newly appointed AI Chatbot is ready to engage your website visitors.

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