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Welcome to the world of aiva

aiva lets you create digital vouchers and eGift Cards, that you can display and sell from your website.

Setting up your aiva voucher is quicker than it takes to cue for your coffee and you’ll start seeing the results immediately.

Once you Sign-up, you will receive a welcome email from aiva with instructions to sign up.

To log in to aiva anytime, follow this link

To offer fully branded discounts, incentives, value add, and gift vouchers, you need to follow a few easy steps 👇

  1. Create your Voucher/eGift Card

  2. Create your Online Vouchers Store

  3. Connect Stripe to receive payouts

  4. Sell Vouchers from your website

  5. Invite partners to sell your Vouchers

Create your Voucher/eGift Cards

Go to Vouchers, and you can create the following from the aiva dashboard:

  1. Voucher: A fixed value item, with an optional discount added. These can be products or packages. Examples:

    • 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for 2.

    • 90 minutes Spa

    • 30 minutes kayaking

  2. eGift Card: Customers can choose an amount to load on the eGift Card, and then later use it at your business. You can set up the minimum and maximum value customers can buy. Examples:

    • Gift Card

    • Happy Birthday Gift Card

    • New Year Gift Card

  3. Advertisement: Advertising space for third-party businesses, whom you can charge to showcase their brand across your Voucher & eGift Card

Create your Online Vouchers Store

Once your Vouchers & eGift Cards are ready, you can have them available on your website for the customers to see and purchase.

Go to Connect, and click on Connect on the Standalone Store

You will be able to select the image, title, fonts, features, and appearance you want to enable. Once ready you can click on Preview to view your store.

You can also invite a third-party business to promote and sell your Vouchers and eGift Cards.

You will usually have a button or a link on your website, that will open your Vouchers and eGift Cards Store.

Connect Stripe to receive payouts

aiva partners with the global payment processing platform Stripe to pay you for the vouchers sold. You will need to connect to Stripe in order to start receiving your income.

Read this article to learn how to connect Stripe.

Sell Vouchers from your website

In the Connect screen, select the Standalone Store that you created. There is a unique link for your online store, that you can link from your website.

Example of a Standalone Store below:

Invite partners to sell your Vouchers

This is an optional step.

Once vouchers are created, you can then have the option of tapping into her real power by sharing your awesome offers with other savvy businesses. You can choose who, what, and the commission rate. aiva can be your own digital concierge!

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