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PayPal Integration

aiva PayPal integration

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To use PayPal as a payment method with aiva, the team will need your PayPal Client ID. As the merchant, you’ll have to pull this information from your PayPal account and add it to the aiva Dashboard.

Luckily, it’s simple to do. All you need is a PayPal account and a web browser through which you can access the PayPal Developer dashboard. This guide will walk you through each step—with screenshots to help guide the way.

Step 1: Log in to the PayPal developer dashboard

On a desktop or laptop computer, use this link and log in to PayPal with your username and password.

Step 2: Create a new app

Next, look at the menu bar that runs along the top of the developer dashboard. Click on “Apps & Credentials.” (It may appear as “My Apps & Credentials” on a mobile device). You should see a “Default Application” listed under “REST API apps.” You can ignore this.

Click on the blue “Create App” button to proceed. A short form will appear.

  • Start by assigning a PayPal app name as "aiva Voucher System".

  • If asked, select App Type as "Platform".

  • Click on the Create App button.

How to Create PayPal App - AngellEYE

Step 3: Copy the Client ID

Look under “Sandbox API Credentials” and locate the field titled “Client ID.” You’ll see a long string of numbers and letters—this is what you’ll need to copy into aiva Dashboard or share with aiva team to add.

Obtain Client ID and Client Secret from PayPal

Step 4: Paste the Secret ID in aiva Dashboard

Log into the aiva dashboard at

  • Go to Connect

  • If you have existing PayPal integration click on Edit

  • If you are creating new PayPal integration, click on Connect to PayPal

In the form that will appear:

  • Start by assigning an Integration name e.g. "aiva PayPal".

  • Paste the Secret ID copied from PayPal

  • Select the property you are enabling the integration for

  • Click on "Create New Integration"

Guest Experience

Once activated, following are some screens of how the guest experience will look like while checking out with PayPal

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