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A powerfully easy system for tracking, prioritizing, and responding to customer leads and guest support requests

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Who is this Handbook for?

This Handbook is for reception staff, sales teams, reservations, property support staff, and all those responding or acting to leads and guest queries. The guide is here to help you use to maximize efficiencies and the customer digital experience.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding ticketing

  • Ticket workflow

  • Ticket Tracking

Where do the tickets originate from?

Tickets are the cases that need follow-up action by the property staff. Sometimes it is a unique question that the AI Chatbot decides is best handled by a specific team/person at the property. It could also be a question that the AI Chatbot was not able to answer and presented the option to the customer to leave a message.

If the AI Chatbot detects a request for a group or conference booking, Lost or Found and any other request type where human assistance is required, the customer is presented with a customized form to capture the request specific information.

Most commonly, tickets can originate from guests by scanning the QR code in rooms. Based on their request type, guests will submit requests that can be directed to housekeeping, room service, etc as an email or SMS.

Working with tickets

Subscribing to ticket notifications

You are alerted about any new tickets with an email. Watch out for emails originating from [email protected]. If the emails are going to Spam, make sure to mark the emails as Not Spam.

To receive email or SMS notifications for a particular form/ticket type, Go to Virtual Front Desk -> Form Builder and Click on "+ Add Notifications". You can add different email addresses or phone numbers for each type of form. Form Examples:

  • Lost & Found

  • Group Booking Inquiries

  • Conference & Event inquiries

  • Change Booking

  • Invoice Copy Request

  • Housekeeping

  • Maintenance

Tickets workflow and status

All tickets can be viewed and updated from the Dashboard

  • All notes and changes are recorded

  • Ticket can be assigned to a different email address

Ticket status can be:

  • Open

  • Assigned

  • Solved

  • Escalated

How do I reply to tickets?

The best practice is to reply to the customer directly from the auto populated email that was sent. The replies are not recorded and tracked in the Dashboard.

The status levels of a ticket

The ticket is automatically marked as Assigned if an email address has been notified. You can change the status of the ticket to Pending, Solved, Spam, or Archived and capture those details of how / who actioned the response.

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