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Welcome to AI Phone Agents
Welcome to AI Phone Agents is now integrated with telephony, allowing you to integrate AI phone agents into your telephony system.

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Updated over a week ago is now integrated with Voice, allowing you to integrate AI phone agents into your telephony system.

Similar to the ethos of's messaging AI Assistants, you do not need to worry about AI models, OpenAI, ongoing AI optimization, and complex call flows. Input your business documents and FAQs into's intuitive dashboard and the Voice Agent is ready to answer customer questions. You can also choose from a variety of available templates and customize them for your unique business scenarios.

Business Scenarios

Inbound Sales

Boost your conversion rate as much as 8x by calling inbound leads the moment they fill out your website form.

Customer Support

Offer a 24/7 support agent to answer customers’ questions and collect their contact info to call back later.

Appointment Setting

Inbound and outbound calling for appointment scheduling, cancellation, and rescheduling

Office Receptionist

24/7 receptionist who will take incoming calls, answer questions, and transfer calls based on party availability.

User Feedback Interview

A satisfaction survey to gather feedback on a recent experience with a service.

Features that Empower

All the Voice Agents come with features that every business needs.

Live Call Transfers

Transfer calls to departments, or staff based on customer request or the question asked.

Choose from 10's of Human-like voices

Pick from a range of voices for natural-sounding audio.

Record every call

Call recording feature captures audio of conversations for future reference, ensuring accuracy, and improving training and compliance.

Call transcription

Spoken conversations are converted into text, enabling easier record-keeping, searchability, and analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify when negative or positive emotions are expressed, allowing timely and appropriate responses to enhance customer service and address issues proactively.

Send SMS

Send back SMS to customers for confirmation after the call or information like links to PDF files, or a form to fill.

Training your Voice Agent

It is important for a business that the AI Assistants stick to the business information and do not create unintended responses from the data from the internet. Training your personalized AI Voice Agent is easy. Just upload documents or add FAQs to the intuitive dashboard, and publishing them will train your personalized AI model in minutes.

Integrating to Telephony

Telephony integration is made possible with our exclusive partnership with the ConnectWare platform.

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