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For Digital Compendium feature updates visit this page.


Enhanced Ticketing Workflows's ticketing system has been enhanced with the following new features:

  • Simplified Ticket Statuses

  • Ticket type, notes, and updates are recorded and displayed on the ticket

Feedback & Shuttle Request Forms

In quest of automating every aspect of the operational process, and at the same time keeping guest engagement high, two new forms have been added.

Both these forms are available by default to all our hotel clients:

  • Feedback Form with integration to TripAdvisor and Google Reviews

  • Shuttle or Hotel Limo Service Request


Amadeus iHotelier Integration

If you are using iHotelier (previously TravelClick), now you can integrate the Chatbot to iHotelier, enabling the following features:

  1. Show current rates and availability inside the Chatbot conversation

  2. AI Chatbot enabled bookings via Website, Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

  3. Offer unique packages and rates through the AI Chatbot.

  4. Get more direct bookings by staying with the guest when they move from your website to the iHotelier Booking Engine, providing context aware proactive engagement.

  5. Track AI Chatbot booking conversions using a new dedicated revenue source code.

Effortlessly sync room info, including images from Amadeus, opening rooms for conversational commerce in seconds. No need for separate content management for room information.

Amadeus (8).png

Digital Compendium SEO Settings

Now you can personalize the Compendium experience even more by adding the following:

  • Favicon

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Short URL

Feedback Form

A new Feedback Form has been released that will help you capture guest feedback and encourage the guest to post positive feedback on TripAdvisor and Google while collecting any negative feedback and alerting the property staff.


Happy New Year!

Read Only User Type

The agent role type has been updated to Read Only. Any users with an Agent role assigned will be able to view the Knowledge Hub topics, without having any ability to update.

Change Log

For compliance reasons, we continue to improve our audit log capabilities, and one of the latest releases is the ability to view the change log right from's intuitive dashboard. Every content change is recorded, versioned, and made available for viewing to content editors.


Form Enhancements's Forms Builder improves your workflow with powerful forms designed to meet every need of a hotel. With new enhancements, the forms are every more powerful.

Most of the forms hotels use are now prebuilt in the platform. You can always adapt them to your own needs.

Here is the list of available forms:

  • Group booking inquiry

  • Long stay inquiry

  • Reservation confirmation request

  • Cancel or modify booking

  • Pre Check-in

  • Reg form

  • Meeting & events inquiry

  • Wedding inquiry

  • Housekeeping request

  • Lost & found

  • Invoice/receipt copy request

Now you can capture attachments and guest signatures inside the forms too.

Multi-Language Editing

With hotels from multiple geographies and cultures, language support is needed more than ever before. We have made multi-language content editing even easier so that hoteliers can effortlessly maintain the AI training data in different languages.


Mobile App for Live Chat ensures there’s a seamless handoff when a human touch is necessary for your guests, flagging staff when to step in.

Rest assured, your Chatbot is at work 24/7 and can handle multiple conversations in parallel. Agents logged into the Dashboard or the App can monitor the active conversations in real-time as they happen, and at any point take over the conversation for an enhanced customer experience or to solidify a revenue opportunity.

App Features:

- Get notified when a human chat is requested by the guest

- Get notified of all ongoing chats with the Chatbot

- Take control of the Chatbot conversation anytime right from your phone app.

- Handle multiple chats at the same time

- Multi-User

For Android devices, use the following link to install the app:

For Apple devices, use the following link to install the app:

Group Level Enhancements

With more and more large groups using, a number of enhancements have been added to the Dashboard to make group management easier.

✅ Ability to filter the properties using typed search.

✅ Ability to filter users using property and role filters.

✅ Group level insights in a common currency.

Introducing Unified Inbox

The current screens have been revamped to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Unified Inbox is a single place to manage all the conversations and tickets.

Active Chats show the conversations that are active at the moment. Your staff can view the conversations in real-time and get involved if needed. Conversations from all channels can be seen here and responded to.

Archives is a list of all the past conversations

Tickets are a list of all forms submitted by the customers. This includes add-on requests, cancellations, group booking inquiries, lost and found, and others.

Knowledge Hub in Multiple Language

Now it is even easier than before to compare and change the language specific information in the knowledge Hub. Rather than switching the dashboard to a different language, you can just switch to a particular knowledge hub section. This makes it easy to navigate between languages. Multi language Knowledge Hub


Feedback Capture

When a guest clicks on the Thumbs Down on a response, the Chatbot used to capture Feedback, now it prompts to Leave Message and a ticket is created for the hotel staff to respond to. This means you can handle every Negative Feedback promptly and track the response.

Refreshed Connect Screen

With the continuous addition of more messaging channels and integration, the Connect screen has a new refreshed look now. Integrations are easier to find and connect.

In addition to the already available Disable switch, A Delete button has been added to delete an already connected channel or app permanently.


Group Level Chatbot

Now you can add one script to your website, and manage every aspect of the Chatbot from's intuitive Dashboard. The Chatbot is also smart enough to know which property the person is on and change the context accordingly.

The group Level Chatbot navigates the user through different properties in the group and helps them choose and book.

Digital Compendium Enhancements

We are continuously adding features to our Digital Compendium product to ensure the experience for both the Content writers and guests is improved. Some of the recent features added are:

✅ Digital Compendium is not multi-lingual

✅ Ability to invoke forms, e.g. guest can raise a maintenance request from within the Compendium

✅ Ability to sell aiva vouchers from within the Digital Compendium


GPT Improvements

In our journey to harness the power of ChatGPT for the operators, version 2 of our GPT features has been launched with the following enhancements:

✅ When defining the Knowledge Hub in, you don't have to be very precise with the instructions. Our models will do the magic in the background and fine-tune the information for you.

✅ You will get an email notification after the GPT has been published successfully.

✅ The answers are more precise, than the earlier version, which means the response to your guests will be even more to the point and human-like.

✅ When guests ask a question, follow-up buttons defined in the Dashboard will show up to offer details.

Keep your Messenger secure

Now you can restrict Chatbot to appear on certain pages of your website. This feature is specifically useful when you have a group site, but want a hotel specific Chatbot to only appear on the hotel pages.

Search Knowledge Hub

With Knowledge Hub extending to address ever increasing information about the properties, the Search feature is useful to locate where a particular knowledge hub item is.


Personalize Preview

You are already able to preview the Digital Assistant before it goes live, now you can preview it exactly how it going to look on your website. Upload a screenshot of your website homepage, and preview it with your brand and color.

Google Analytics Integration

Any URL redirect from Chatbot to a hotel's website can now be tracked with Google Analytics UTM tags. Add in under a minute with simple integration.

Refreshed Dashboard with branding branding has been introduced to the Dashboard with improvements around navigation. We believe that the simple changes will make it easy for your to find your way around the dashboard.


Replicate Knowledge Hub across Properties

With our group properties, we want to ensure that maintaining Knowledge about properties is as seamless as possible. Given a lot of common items across groups e.g. cancellation policies, etc, you are now able to define a KNowledge Hub article once and replicate it across all the properties in the group.

May-2023 now integrating with ChatGPT were granted early access to Open AI the developers of ChatGPT last year and have been working on our integration since then. It is like the missing piece of a technology puzzle when it comes to creating a seamless conversation flow with our industry chatbot. The ChatGPT capability utilized within the AI Digital Assistant draws on our over 500,000 and rapidly growing inventory of industry-specific phrases, developed in consultation with Operators within the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Ecosystem, to give a customer experience like never before. Conversation with the AI Digital Assistant is significantly more fluid flowing, and natural feeling, with the engagement being much more efficient and meaningful for the Industry Operators’ guests.

Powerful Forms get it done

We believe the right form makes all the difference. Go from busy work to less work with powerful forms that captures information in one go and automate workflows.

You can design any form in minutes, or start with our common templates for:

  • Meeting Room Enquiries

  • Event Enquiries

  • Change/Cancel Booking

  • Lost Found

  • Invoice Copy Request


Digital Compendium is now Multi-Lingual

Digital Compendium can now to designed in +10 languages, giving you the opportunity to provide a very personzliaed service


Multi-Channel Messaging Hub

Respond to messages from a number of channels from a single Dashboard console

✅ Website

✅ Facebook Messenger

✅ Google Messages

✅ WhatsApp


Pre-Arrival & In-Stay Digital Guest Compendium

With this new feature, you can maintain a catalog of services and add-ons you offer to your guests.

The catalog can be shared with guests to prepare them better while reducing the load on your staff.

✅ Check-In Information

✅ Products

✅ Information

✅ Room Service

✅ Concierge Services

✅ Getting around Information

✅ Group-Specific Guides

The catalog can be shared as a link on your website, in WhatsApp messages, SMS, Emails, or integrated into your guest apps

Oracle Opera Cloud Integration

With the availability of Oracle Opera Cloud Integration with Chatbot, you can automate a number of pre-arrival questions and campaigns:

✅ pulls reservation data from Oracle Opera Could and allows you to send high-quality pre-arrival messages to WhatsApp and other channels your guests are using

✅ looks up booking source and guide guests on cancellations and change reservation-related questions

✅ Any pre-arrival request from the guest is added as a note, alert or trace to their reservation record in Oracle Opera Cloud


WhatsApp Integration

Send high-quality WhatsApp campaigns to offer guests add-ons and the pre Check-In information.

The campaigns will prepare guests for arrival and help you sell more add-on's and upsells.

Customers can also ask question on WhatsApp, and responses will be on autopilot


Zendesk Integration for Live Chat

Earlier this year we launched a fully featured Live Chat capability within

Our customers who are already using Zendesk now can benefit from this new integration, where is seamlessly able to hand over the chat to agents logged into Zendesk.

✅ Customer stays in the chat widget

✅ Ability to handover in case of chatbot struggling to understand or a lead identified

✅ Ability to check for online agents and notify customers of the availability and the queue position

✅ Display typing indicator for both customer and the agent

✅ Chatbot conversation is passed onto the agent for the context

✅ Ability to route chat to departments configured in Zendesk

Salesforce Integration for Contact Sync collects contact information like customer name, email, phone, zip, and consent (y/n) for marketing. With this new integration with Salesforce, all contacts are synced with Salesforce in real-time. handles the deduplication to ensure records are not duplicated in Salesforce.

Revenue Insights

We are big on having a good conversation with prospective guests and encourage them to book direct on your website. Now you can see exactly how much exact traffic, room nights, and revenue we have referred to your online Booking Engine.

These new insights are available on the Dashboard.

✅ Number of Booking Engine Leads sent your way

✅ Room nights referred by Digital Assistant to you Booking Engine

✅ Estimated Revenue referred by Digital Assistant to you Booking Engine

Collecting Feedback for Continuous AI Improvements

It's all about continuous learning, and these new features enable us to do exactly that. Guests are gently presented with an option to leave a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for every response to a question.

This helps our team understand the guests better and improve the understanding of our AI models, to do even better next time.


Autocomplete Predictions

The recently launched autocomplete predictions are trained using the 100'000's questions guests have asked our Digital Assistants. This allows prospective guests to enter the queries more quickly. A property can turn the feature On or Off from the Dashboard. We are already seeing the understanding accuracy levels increase for the properties using this new feature.


Booking Engine Integration

With our new booking engine integration, prospective guests can fill in their dates and occupancy needs within the Chatbot. Clicking "Check Availability" opens up the property's booking engine with the rooms and rates for the dates selected.

Ticket Enhancements

Tickets are usually cases that need a follow-up action by the property. Sometimes it is a unique question that the Digital Assistant decides is best handled by a specific team/person at the property. It could also be a question that the Digital Assistant was not able to answer and presented the option to the customer to leave a message. With this enhancement, you can choose to be BCC'ed for the ticket notification emails. This way the customer will now know your email address in the ticket confirmation email they receive.

Website Chatbot Enhancements

Nudges are a great way to engage your prospective guests, but it is equally important to have full control of how to utilize your web and mobile real estate. Now you can create different nudges for Desktop and Mobile. Go to Connect -> Website -> Nudges

Now your prospective guests have easy to find ways to minimize the widget, restart the conversation, or if they think Avatar is on the way, Close it for 15 minutes.

Now your prospective guests can enlarge the website widget size if they prefer a larger view


Customer Initiated Live Chat

Enabling customer-initiated Live Chat is easy and in your full control. You can choose how and when you want to make the option available (based on staffing levels) to your customers.


Enhanced Insights

Customer insight is essential for the optimization of customer journeys and to understand why a customer is doing what they are doing. We have further turned our insights into readable and accessible intelligence to help you make data-driven decisions. These insights are available on the Dashboard as well as emails.

✅Traffic source and engagement

✅Popular communication channels

✅Commonly asked topics

✅Popular rooms & products

✅Estimated time savings

✅Traffic to your website generated by the digital assistant

Conversation monitoring and agent takeover

Your Digital Assistant is at work 24/7 and can handle multiple conversations in parallel. Agents logged into the Dashboard can now monitor the active conversations in real-time as they happen, and at any point take over the conversation for a more personal touch or to answer those unique queries.


New Website Chatbot look

Chatbot has a whole new look now! You do not need to do anything, the design is applied to all the website widgets. Like earlier you can completely choose the colour scheme of every element of the Chatbot.

Persistent Menus for the Website and Facebook

Now you can add Persistent Menus to your Chatbot connected to Facebook.

Go to Connect, Select your Facebook connection, and under that, you can add the Persistent Menu

Now you can add Persistent Menus to your Chatbot connected to Website. You can choose a menu to open an external link or send a specific message to the Chatbot

Go to Connect, Select your Website connection, and under that, you can add the Persistent Menu.


Group Booking, Conference, and Long Stay Enquiries

Guests can now submit specific requests for Group bookings, conferences, Events, and Long stays. Accommodation providers can subscribe to different email address(s) to receive alerts for these requests

Go to User & Admin, and subscribe to the alerts you want to receive


Multi-Lingual Support

Now you can reach out to users in their own language. now supports multiple languages. You can choose the languages you want to display to the users. When enabled, your digital assistant will pick the user's default browser language and automatically switch to that.

Go to Connect, Select your website connection, and under that, you will see the Language option

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